I Need A New Car And I Need 39000 People To Help Me Do It

I need the help of 39000 people who are capable of donating $1 so I can get a new car. Why 39000 people for a $25000 car? PayPal charges 30 cents plus 5% per transaction. So if you donate a dollar, I only get 65 cents. Here is my explanation as to way I cannot get a car on my own:

In April 2012, I will be receiving a massive pay cut to my usual income. To top it off, April 2013 I will take another hit to my monthly money. On those dates my two oldest children will be turning 18 and the supplement generously provided by the federal government will be ending. The child tax credit (what I call baby bonus because that is what it was when I was a kid) is only for those with children. At age 18, you are no longer a child and therefore no longer in need of child credit.

When I was a child, my parents only got $1/day in baby bonus. The governments of the past would give mothers a bonus for each child. It was incentive to help increase the population. At the end of each month, a $30 cheque was mailed to my mother because she had me. Today, it is no longer call baby bonus and its name has changed to child tax credit benefit. And each and every year the government raises the amount we get.

I like receiving free money. Who doesn’t. But I now receive a day, because I have three kids, what my mom received a month with this new plan. I have always maintained (and I am truthful here) that it is a little too much money. One thousand dollars a month is indeed a lot of cash. I have been using most of that cash to maintain the use of a car. And the rest of the money for groceries, food, clothes, rent, etc.. Having a car costs a considerable amount of funds each and every month.

Because of the high cost of keeping and maintaining a car and due to the fact I am expecting a massive pay cut in a couple of years, I have said that we have to go carless for the rest of our lives. And that just sucks.

A car provides so much freedom of movements. I can take the kids to doctor appointments, friends and family homes, to army cadet camps. I can go across town to NoFrills where they have the best prices. I can visit and shop and just drive to go sight seeing. Plus a car is very helpful when I or the wife has an out-of-town doctor appointment. Owning a car is just plain great.

Being without a car is a real pain.

So I need 39000 people who can generously donate $1 to my need.

Why not get a job, you beatnik?

The simple answer is that I can’t. I sincerely want to work. In fact I worked for free in the past where I could have normally received a paycheque; my desire to work is high. A job is important. I want to demonstrate to my kids that working is the only way to secure a decent living. I hate the fact that my children have no memory of me earning a living. My son in his younger days said that when he grows up, he wants to stay home just like dad. I did not like hearing that. But the simple answer remains. I just cannot find the work that is suited for me.

I have a few underlying medical conditions that prevent me for getting and most importantly, keeping a job. I have several heart defects and my brain isn’t so good neither. I have a double whammy; brain and heart. If I am going to appeal to your charity side of your nature, I most go into detail about a subject that I normally like to keep quiet.

I was born with multiple heart defects and conditions. I will admit that being with congenital maladies I am pretty lucky. Some people are so incapacitated by heart issues, I was and am fortunate that I am not. As a kid, I hated gym class. I was the weakest of the boys but still stronger than most of the girls. When high school started and I needed gym classes for credits, they only had all boy classes. That immediately put me at the bottom of the class. My childhood my heart was a minor issue. That changed in adulthood.

I was watching TV one day and there was a government ad urging people to get the flu shot that year. The flu can negatively affect those with chronic heart issues as well as other conditions, it said. I ignored that ad and never got a flu shot.

Then I got the flu. I took a little longer to get over it. When it finally cleared up, I still felt lousy. I no longer had a running nose or a fever or any of the other typical flu symptoms. But I still had the incredible fatigue that just didn’t go away when the flu left.

I hate doctors. They are like mechanics. You go there for an oil change and they tell you that you need a new transmission. Doctors are like that. “Doc my finger hurts.” “Oh, you have cancer.” Is this some make work program? I just do not go to doctors. So if I make an appointment, it is obviously serious.

I consider myself rather an intelligent guy. I can say that I do have a character flaw in that I just cannot see the obvious. I am talking to the doctor how I just lost all my energy and that walking and climbing stairs is strangely very difficult. I even have to sit down to shave. Winded and taking a long time to recover even after the simplest physical activity. I love walking during a snow storm. The snowflakes in the air absorb the surrounding sounds. Walking during this time is so tranquil even in a noisy city. I told him I got to the end of the driveway and thought I was going to die from a heart attack. I am only 25!

The doctor stands up and approaches me with his stethoscope and listens to my heart and says, “You know you have a heart murmur?” I reply that I have had it since birth and that for the most part has been a minor issue. He sends for tests for my heart. And that is when it hits me that my deformed heart (I have more than just a murmur) has now given me some serious problems. How could I have missed this incredibly obvious observation that clearly pointed to my heart.

I always wanted a handicap parking permit and now I finally had a real reason for getting one. The heart that beats in my chest isn’t as reliable as it could and should be. As a child, I could hear my heart beating loudly in my ears whenever I pressed my head to my pillow. Simply placing my hand lightly on my chest, I could feel a strong beat. The heart beat scared me in my dreams because I thought they were the sounds of two skeletons coming to get me. As an adult, I know that skeleton monsters are not after me, but hearing and feeling my heart was now a terrifying experience. I was going to die of a massive and probably painful heart attack someday. The emotional crisis was overwhelming. Laying in bed could only be done if I positioned myself in a way that I couldn’t experience my heartbeat.

I saw a surgeon and the surgery I was to have was quite risky. To fix all the problems my heart has, carried a risk of fifty percent mortality. I could die on the table, I could die in recovery and the two year survival rate for what I am to have is only 45%.

I am naturally a coward. These numbers did little to encourage me.

Basically the surgeon was telling me that I was to flip a coin and call it in the air. If it lands and I called correctly, I live. If I called it wrong… I was not going to take that chance. That is just a too important of a coin toss to place. Plus I would be more than likely to be dead in two years anyways.

This is where intellect reason and fearful emotion began a battle in my head. My intellect know about statistics. If an old man has cancer and goes for radical and dangerous treatment and then dies of a stroke during it, that death is pegged against the cancer treatment. The cancer didn’t kill him, the treatment didn’t kill him. It was the stroke. But it still counts against the treatment because there was a death during the procedure. Plus there are those who are just going to die anyways. People see surgeons because they are sick and they are usually very very sick. Treatment, when it begins, is too late for them. Yet the death is still counted against the treatment.

The emotional side of me kept comparing it to a high stakes coin toss. Where the stakes where the matter of life and death, literally!

I have to admit that the emotional part of me won this battle. I got a phone call for the scheduling of the surgery and did everything to end that phone call as fast as I could and told the secretary that I was not having the operation. Hung up the phone and paced madly back and forth. Sat out of breath on the couch.

I celebrated my 39th birthday a few months ago. I stand by my decision to avoid surgery because I am still here today. Yes, my lifestyle took a hit. I don’t walk anywhere as fast as I did. Riding a bike is nice, but don’t ask me to go up hills or for a race. I can do one flight of stairs most of the time with relative ease. Two flights is difficult. I have not done three or more in years.

And that is only half of my problems.

This other half is what I consider much more serious than my heart. Living with heart conditions is annoying but liveable. I just walk a little slower and carry a little less. A change in lifestyle means that I can avoid most of the painful flips, flops and flutters my heart torments me with. Living with my brain condition is far more difficult and if I didn’t have a good sense of humour about it, I probably would have died in the emotional and physical sense by now.

I was in high school in chemistry class. I felt weird and strange. One half of my body began to tingle and I started to go blind. I thought I was having a stroke. I am not one to panic and I am not one to easily make doctor appointments. I told mom I needed to see a doctor. The next day, the doctor tells me I suffered a migraine. It is a strange feeling to experience relief about not having one condition but wind up having a different and yet equally as serious ailment.

Throughout my high school years, the number of migraines increased as with the severity. Bleach, sunlight reflecting off of cars, stress all could trigger a migraine. I knew from experience that if my left hand began tingling I had only a half an hour to get home or I would become too blind to drive properly.

Years past and I continued to have the occasional migraine. My heart began giving me troubles but I eventually learned how to live with it. Those migraines got worse and worse. Then something truly scary began to happen with those migraines.

I had a job years and years ago. Yes my heart bothered me then but I could keep this cushy job as an assistant cook. It was a fun and easy job with huge rewards in the form of friends and other social benefits. It was a Sunday in the month of August in the year 1994 when I had the most severe migraine ever. No migraine has ever topped this one before or since. After recovery, something was different, very different.

I know I date myself here when I talk about M*A*S*H. There was an amazing character on the show named Radar O’Reilly. He was called Radar because he knew the ‘copters were coming before they called themselves in. He was amazing. He was there helping even before he was called. He had the job done before it was assigned. He was truly an amazing person. I like to think that I was similar to Radar. I was there, it was done, and I was reliable. That literally changed overnight. I can honestly say that my work performance and my work quality degraded by at least 50% in just one day. And this was a permanent characteristic that I could not sway. I found it harder to think on my feet. I was slower to respond and more importantly, I had to be told what to do because anticipating was a weak point now. I became very changed and I was not very happy about it.

I suffered for years with the odd migraine here and there. I lived with the knowledge that a migraine ruined a huge part of me. It is when the migraines became a regular feature of my life, and when those migraines caused more “changes”, as I would call them, I became very scared.

I would be eventually referred to a neurologist. The first one was useless. After a few years I got a new doctor. CAT scans and MRIs and ultrasounds later, he concluded that I needed medicine. Amitriptyline became my friend. And my enemy.

Four doctors thought it strange that I could reference a migraine to an unpleasant change in my life. Migraines do not do that, so I was told by those medical professionals. That is what I thought. I considered them to be ministrokes yet the scans showed no damage. I once went to the hospital with a huge migraine and asked the nurse what was the difference between a migraine and a stroke. She said that with a migraine you have a headache afterwards. Do you have a headache, she asked. Yes. Then you had a migraine. I left the hospital wondering if it was my youth that made them treat me for a migraine and not a stroke. The symptoms are similar:

I am still convinced that I have ministrokes and not migraines. The minor and medium grade migraines do not usually cause a change. It is the big ones that are truly scary and when I feel one coming on, it is all I can do not to panic.

I had a very major migraine on Boxing Day one year. I blamed it on the stress of driving a very long distance the day before and not being able to take steps to minimize its severity because I was so far from home. When I got home, I could relax and then the migraine grew to such enormity that is was truly a frightening experience. I love going down to see my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents down Belleville way. I am blessed that I come from a great group of people. It saddens me that I cannot visit them more often.

I told my parents and sister that there was no way I was going to go back that way again. Too much driving and too much stress of potentially having another super migraine. Eventually one year after a long absence from my Belleville relatives, Mom and sis convince me to go again. As the day approached, the fear and panic kept welling up becoming stronger and stronger. I collapsed to the fear and did not go down that year. It would be several years before I would even think of going. It was the looming death of a grandparent that I felt compelled to go again. I didn’t drive and I was heavily medicated, but I went. Took me a week and a half to recover from the migraine it did trigger, but I got to see grandma weeks before she died.

Fear and panic stopped me from travelling to see my long distance family. I miss going there. But the risk of having a huge migraine is real and I do not want to have anymore disastrous changes.

I swear on any Bible placed before me that after a biggie, I am not the same person. Changes I have experienced include:

It seemed every time I had a big migraine, something new changed in me. Most I do not like, only two that I can say may be beneficial. Not being so cowardly and being able to eat food when there is nothing in my mouth can be fun. But for most, it is my sense of humour and my intelligence that helps me through. I am very thankful that no migraine has (yet) taken away my intellect or humour. I can sometimes figure out why I am standing in a particular room when I forgot why I went there in the first place. I can sometimes remember where I am driving to by the road I am on or time of day or other clues. Humour helps when I do forget where I am driving and I scold my passenger when I am told that I past where we were going. “Don’t tell me that. Next time say nothing and let’s see where we end up.” It is hard to have fun at something about forgetfulness but I try to laugh. How is it possible that I can be standing in the bathroom and I forgot that I needed to pee? You just have to laugh. What else is there to do? Cry?

I want a job and would love a job. Work is its own reward. The money I make is my own money and I can be proud of that. The money I get now is not money I made; it is money given too me. I was raised proud and I was raised right. It is not right to accept money you didn’t earn. It is not right to not hold a job. I am truly ashamed that I stay home and am a leech on the side of society. Yet here I am asking for charity. I am going to lose the ability to afford a car and a level of freedom and quality that I have come to expect and enjoy. The phrase “I don’t want your charity” was a catch phrase for me at one time. It has taken me to swallow my pride to accept the charity that others have given us. I am so thankful that I was born in Canada. This is a great nation. The people have developed a wonderful social net for people in need. If it wasn’t for this great society that I live in and the great charity of social housing, child tax benefit and disability support, my family would be living on the streets and I probably would have died by now.

So why should you help? Don’t I receive enough support as it is?

You are right. If you are a Canadian or an Ontarian taxpayer, you are helping a lot already. Thank you for that. I appreciate this and I want you to know that I would work if I could, but can’t. I want to be off of the disability support and not be a burden to society, but that will not be happening. I do have a roof over my head. I have food in my belly and if you look at the diet page I have, you can easily judge that I may have been given too much food. I have doctors and hospitals and tests and clinics. My kids go to school and are clothed, maybe not in the expensive fashion they would like. I have fire and police and ambulance just a phone call away. Soldier will and able to defend my home in case of invasion. Snow plows in the winter. Parks in the summer. Sewage and clean water. And countless other services out there.

But there is no service for those in my position. If I was deathly ill with cancer or old and retired or a child under the protection of Children’s Aid there are volunteers out there to take you to all the appointments and anywhere you need to go. I fall out of that service because I am not dying, I am living with my condition, I am not elderly (my children disagree with this) and I am not a child. I lived without a car for two months and it was the most difficult two months I experienced in a long time. A car is vital.

Why should I help? This is your own problem, not mine.

You are right. We all have our problems. If you do not wish to help you do not have to. I recognise your help already as a taxpayer, if you are Canadian. And if you are foreign, I do not live in a bubble and know that there are people in a much much worse state than I can ever imagine. You are free to leave this page or continue for what I hope is a good read and I will hold no ill will against you.

I am appealing to those who wish to do one good act today and donate one dollar to my cause. Actually I am appealing to 39000 people who wish for that good feeling of helping someone in need. I thank you for your contribution.

You suffer from migraines from driving cars? Why do you want a car?

Yes, driving can cause stress and stress is a trigger for me. I take driving seriously, as proven by my outstanding driving record that will be explained below. I know I can comfortably drive for two hours straight before I start feeling an oncoming migraine. Statistically speaking, most people do not drive for two hours in one direction. Most of the places I need is within 30 minutes. Some places are over an hour. Few are an hour and a half away and even fewer still are farther than that. Owning a car is far less stressful than not owning a car and trying and failing to procure transportation.

Are you responsible with a car? You not going to wreck it or something.

I got my drivers license when I was 17. I am presently 39. In my 22 years of driving I estimate that I did easily 25000 kilometres per year. That is over 550000 kilometres of perfect driving. This is the equivalent of driving from the moon and some of the way back You see, I am the ideal insurance customer. In my 22 years and 550000 km, I have NEVER EVER been in an accident, nor received a parking ticket or a speeding ticket. I always paid my insurance bill on time. I haven’t even cracked a windshield. My insurance company has only had to pay for the stamp to mail me telling me that my rates have gone up, which seems to happen every other month, and the rest is pure profit for them. My insurance agent is proud to have a customer like me. For an unemployed person like me, I have put on more distance on my car than my full time working friends and family-that is how much I rely on and need a car.

I have spent a lot of time behind the wheel and being accident and claim free come from several factors:

Even though that I attribute 25% of my perfect driving record to myself and my skill and my mindset, this 25% is probably more than most people on the road. Twenty-five percent might not sound like much. I can assure you that it is. Just ask any sports enthusiast how much a 25% advantage is. Ask any banker how much 25% adds up to.

I believe that if there were credentials needed to prove ones worthiness in getting and owning a car it is the fact that I have a clean and perfect record. I understand that traveling at 90km/hr I travel 25 metres every second. So if I am fiddling with the radio for four seconds that is 100 metres-a very long way to go driving blind. So I do not do that. Rarely will you see me with my eyes off the road for more than a second. I also know that others believe I am a good driver. Some passengers have stated that they feel more comfortable having me drive than their own partners. My niece was being scolded on how to drive safely in the winter by her mother. She simply responds saying Stacey taught her everything she needs to know about winter driving. So if I needed a resume for car ownership, I submit this. I have a proven record. I have references. I have 22 years of experiences. Please help me get this car.

Do you not already own a car?

Yes. It has been a lemon and not all cars last forever. I am hoping that I can raise enough money before I have to get rid of the car.

Why a new car?

I have owned several cars in my past and owning an used car costs just as much as a new one. Sure you save on insurance and the monthly payments to pay off the loan is smaller, but the cost of fixing it can far exceed that of a new car. A new car can easily go 100000 km before needing repairs. Plus why is the car used? I always got rid of my cars whenever it needed expensive repairs. Is that why the previous owner got rid of it? A new car does provide some financial security in that I and safety rely that it takes about four years and 100000km of driving before needing the skills of a mechanic. An used car is a gamble each and every time you get in it. There is no safety to my finances as I could expect a $1000 or more bill. A new car is the best bet for me.

So do you have it in your heart to part from one dollar and give it to a guy in need. There are several, okay only three ways too help. Websites are not free. They are not as expensive as they have been but not free. You can donate to help pay my hosting bill by clicking this button:

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You can go to PayPal and donate the dollar I am asking. I will be very appreciative to this kindness. I will be even more appreciative if you gave more. You can do that here:

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Whether you donate or not. Whether you start your own website through the affiliate program I am in or not. I hope I gave you something that was good to read. And if I get you to contribute to a more worthy cause because of this page, then it was well worth my effort to post this. Here is some suggestions you can donate to:

World Wildlife Fund
Heart and Stroke
Cancer Society
Donate idle computer time for noteworthy causes
Red Cross

Feel free to CONTACT ME for other charity suggestions.

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